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Kupanda e.V.


'Together we make a family.'


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Project Description:

Local Initiative for Family and Education


L.I.F.E. Tanzania is a nonprofit foundation supporting families living in poverty. The project was founded in Arusha, Tanzania in 2020. 

Its heart will be a community center where families come together and get help in terms of health, nutrition, childcare and education. Therefor they want to build a Daycare Center as well as an Afterschool Center where warm meals, language training in English, tutoring and meaningful leisure activities are offered to children. The Afterschool Center works as an addition to public schools. On the long run L.I.F.E. also wants to establish a women's aid, public housing and further educational programs. The main goals of L.I.F.E. Tanzania are to ensure equality in education, foster sustainable community growth and provide safe homes within a strong community for families in need. 


Here you can find a visualization of the community center:


Why we cooperate with L.I.F.E. Tanzania:

We've chosen L.I.F.E. because they have a well developed concept that follows our standards of sustainability and a holistic model. Moreover they have a lot of experience in this field and are absolutely reliable. We personally know the founders, we've already cooperated with them on a private basis and we are in touch regularly. 


How we support L.I.F.E. Tanzania:

1) Funding of the construction of the Community Center.  

2) Continuing support of their Afterschool Center.


More information about the current state of the project here.


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